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In order to make our planet-earth clean, green and pollution free, we want to spread the eco-friendly ideas and activities among the people. If you have any eco-friendly idea that you would like to share with others across the globe, please write it in the space given below.

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Green Idea   :   The idea is being able to do whatever it takes to make our earth a better place to live, with the growing population we need resources to fulfill our needs. The key to make our earth evergreen we people celebrate all different occasion festivals, birthdays, anniversary, etc. So the point is that why not plan one tree one every occasion we celebrate ANYTHING that make us happy if we stat doing so and everyone plants even one tree ON SUCH occasions the entire earth will be evergreen filling the earth by beautifying and the result will change everything global warming will be eradicated more resources more food, wildlife will take a new roots fresh air to breath with so much more to it. One could actually understand the energy in the Green. its my brother wedding next week i am going to plant a tree. why dont you WE have Love for nature . Thank you for the opportunity to put my message across lets stat and work on it , the ides is simple one every occasion let it your birthday or a dear ones just plant a tree imagine our population what could happen is amazing. Energy in the Green

Posted On : 8/25/2018 1:53:38 AM   Posted By :Elwin Green
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 All of us  are concerned with the degrading state of the environment. Because of our unwise and greedy activities, the natural resources are getting depleted and polluted. It is now necessary to make people aware of the adverse consequences of such acts.

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